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Chrome and Firefox users are more committed to work, than Safari or Explorer users


21 Jun 2013
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Your browser usage pattern can reveal a lot about your levels of commitment at the work place according to a new book called Originals: How Non Confirmists Move the World by Adam Grant. According to the book, Firefox and Chrome browser users are more likely to remain in their jobs than those who use Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari browser.

Professor Adam Grant, has used a research by Michael Housman which analysed 30,000 customer service agents’ employment history to get an idea of their job committments. According to the research, which also involved looking at the internet browsers that each employee used, Housman found that employees who were using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser stayed in their jobs 15 percent longer than those who used Internet Explorer or Apple Safari.

Housman also tested for absence from work and found that users of Firefox or Chrome were 19 percent less likely to miss work than the Explorer and Safari users. Also customer service agents using Firefox or Chrome had happier customers. In fact, in 90 days, Firefox and Chrome users reached customer satisfaction levels which took around 120 days for the users of Explorer and Safari.

According to Grant, the choice of browser also tells a lot about the nature of the employees.
Considering Explorer and Safari are the default browsers on Windows and MacOS based PCs, majority of the people end up using those. But those actually making the effort to download a Chrome or a Firefox browser, inspite of the default browsers, demonstrate resourcefulness and shows initiative, said Grant.

According to NetMarketShare , Chrome is the most popular browser with 41.6 percent of the market share followed closely by Internet Explorer which has 41.3 percent market share. Firefox comes in third at 9.76 percent, followed by Safari at 4.91 percent market share.

Chrome and Firefox users are more committed to work, than Safari or Explorer users: Study Tech2 Mobile
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