China working on supercomputer capable of quintillion calculations per second


21 Jun 2013
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Scientists in China are developing a prototype machine that will play a part in the development of a new era supercomputer, which will be capable of a quintillion calculations per second, state official reports. The National Supercomputer Centre in Tianjin is developing the exascale supercomputer with the National University of Defence Technology (NUDT), Meng Xiangfei, assistant director of the centre said.

The supercomputer will be 200 times faster than China’s Tianhe-1 supercomputer, and even faster than the most powerful supercomputers in the world. The aim is to make the computer ready for the world to see by 2020, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

China’s Sunway Taihu Light is the world’s fastest system , capable of 93 quadrillion calculations per second, according to an announcement at the 2016 International Supercomputing Conference, Germany. This new project will expand on existing theories and applications of the exascale system’s hardware and software. The sample machine will hopefully be ready by early 2018, Meng said.

The new era computing system will mark a huge advancement in terms of intensity of calculation, capacity of single chips and the rate of data transmission, he said. In 2010, the country’s first petaflop supercomputer, Tianhe-1, which is capable of at least a million-billion calculations per second, was unveiled to the world.

At present, Tianhe-1 supports various tasks including oil exploration, high-end equipment manufacturing, biological medicine and animation design, and serves nearly 1,000 customers.

China working on supercomputer capable of quintillion calculations per second
china cant do anything...
they steal most of d technology from japan nd other nations, and claim to be theirs :dodgy
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