China to have 900 million mobile phone users


22 Mar 2011
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China is on their way to become the number one country to have more than 900 million cell phone users. The country's government statistics has revealed that at the end of March the mobile phone subscribers in the country reach 889 million that is an increase of 30 million from the previous quarter. By looking at the recent growth, the number of user will beat the 900 million sometime during the month of May.

The Industry and Information Technology Ministry of China said that in March 2009, China had 670 million mobile phone users and in the same period of 2010, the number has reached to 776 million. These figures prove the increasing rate of cell phone adoption in the country.

China Internet Network Information Center, reported that at the end of 2010, it had 303 million mobile phone users who used mobile handsets to use internet. This is an increase from 230 million from the previous year.

However, after China, other countries like India, U.S. are also catching up with China.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India had 791 million mobile phone users at the end of February 2011 compared to 687 million of last September. CTIA, an industry organization that represents mobile operators, reported that the U.S. has 303 million mobile phone users.
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