CCleaner News & Updates

CCleaner version 5.41 now available for download

  • NEW! Cleaning results now displayed as a Cleaning Summary (Free and Professional versions only)
  • NEW! Product tips to help users discover less visible features
  • NEW! Fresh, clean Upgrade page design
  • Edge/Internet Explorer: Fixed cleaning of cookie and icon file types on Windows 10
  • Added improved Estonian translations
  • Added support for Sciter: a lightweight, embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development - CCleaner v5.41
CCleaner version 5.42 now available for download

Browser Cleaning
  • Internet Explorer: Fixed a bug where cleaning Temporary Internet Files left some files behind
  • IE/Edge: Enhanced cleaning of YouTube viewing history (thanks alhazred for reporting this!)
  • Search terms are now highlighted in the results list
  • Where appropriate, CCleaner Free may recommend improvements to your system’s antivirus protection
  • Fixed an issue where localized text was overlapping in the Professional Edition installer - CCleaner v5.42
CCleaner version 5.43 now available for download


System Cleaning
  • Removed Font Cache cleaning temporarily while we resolve an incompatibility with the Windows 10 April Update
System & preferences
  • Added preference to select the level of detail on the Cleaning Results screenAdded new Privacy menu - CCleaner v5.43
CCleaner version 5.44.6575 now available for download

Browser Cleaning
  • Internet Explorer: Cookies are now cleaned from the INetCache folder in Windows 10
  • Firefox: Fixed a cleaning compatibility issue with the Malwarebytes extension
Subscription Management
  • Added helpful reminders for expired CCleaner Professional subscriptions - CCleaner v5.44.6575
CCleaner version 5.45 now available for download

  • Removed Windows.old cleaning rule (wiping this folder after a Windows update breaks certain graphics drivers)
  • Fixed a crash if analyzing with the 'Everything' option checked
  • CCleaner now sends a heartbeat every 12 hours which reports up-to-date usage statistics to allow for faster delivery of bug fixes and product improvements - CCleaner v5.45.6611

The changelog of the new release highlights the change in euphemistic terms: "Added more detailed reporting for bug fixes and product improvements". The company added privacy options to CCleaner in May and stated back then that it collected only anonymous data from free users and did not display the options to free users because of that.

CCleaner users who run the new release may notice two changes immediately: It is nearly impossible to disable the monitoring part of CCleaner (Active Monitoring), and there are not any privacy settings anymore in the free version of the program.

Dont install or upgrade to CCleaner 5.45 - gHacks Tech News
CCleaner v5.48.6834
  • Browser Cleaning: Improved cleaning for Edge and bug fixes.
  • Feature Previews: CCleaner now supports the release of new features still in development to a limited audience for testing. ‘Feature Previews’ help us to uncover more difficult-to-find technical issues across a wide variety of system configurations prior to the official release of a new feature. - CCleaner v5.48.6834
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