Can anybody explain, what is this ?


22 Mar 2011
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today times of india
Yes this is a business opportunity for distributing Channel UFX IPTV converter boxes. It works on telephone or broadband lines without needing Satellite Dishes/Receivers.

They are using the same technique like some satellite channels who distributed IRD boxes to show their channels.

The first player in this field is WatchIndia TV company which distributes IPTV boxes and service for viewing Indian TV channels like Zee, Star, Sony and DD International in US,UK and Australia etc.

No use of this box to people with C-band dishes as UFX channels are already Free-to-Air from Intelsat.
thanks bro for detailed info
@ off topic - your avatar says photo coming soon
when is it launching ? :lol
r u not also spamming
and u told me not to spam
so you should follow your words 1st

hope you take positively. :)
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