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CA Putting Cloud Pieces Together


5 Aug 2011
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CA Technologies has turned heads in the last two years with acquisitions of a string of cloud-based companies, marking its intention to be a major cloud player and cloud partner.

Now CA is leveraging those deals to step up as a full-fledged cloud services provider, offering products, services and partnerships to help business move to the cloud through a variety of software lifecycle management and automation services.

Some partners are impressed, but say it may take CA a while longer to fully integrate its cloud services plan.

But CA nonetheless is confident it's on the right track. “The core of our strategy is to help customers use the cloud to build a public or private or hybrid cloud, whether using our services or providing their own services,” said Andi Mann, Vice President, Strategic Solutions, CA.

CA spent more than $1 billion in the last two years on acquisitions to make itself a cloud services provider.

And recently, CA started building out a suite of cloud products and services. Since its launch at CA World in November 2011, the company has expanded its cloud applications developer environment, called Cloud Commons Ecosystem Marketplace and Developer Studio, with more than 500 members of the Developer Studio.

In January 2012, CA said 12 of its software products were certified by VCE to run on Vblock infrastructure platforms. Its Vblock Ready suite offered IT automation and management capabilities including service management, virtualization, automation, service assurance, and capacity management.

Also in January, the company released Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock Platforms to provide customers with a unified view and point of control across virtual and private cloud resources.

Mann said CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock will give it a seat at the table as companies plan their cloud build out. “Our automation software for private cloud deployment sits on top of VMware virtualization layer, EMC’s storage layer and Cisco’s network layer,” Mann said. “It’s as easy to deploy as hardware. You just turn it on.”

CA is now focusing on building out its cloud partner program. “Most service providers don’t want to go head to head with Amazon. It’s hard to compete at their scale,” Mann said. “But our partners can compete with differentiated services.”

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