BSNL’s new CMD, Pravin Kumar Purvar says that it’s time to start monetising content


24 Sep 2016
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“Any telecom operator providing content services cannot bring all the content in a single platform on a free basis, today in India most of the content is being delivered for free. I think the model has to evolve where the content should be monetized,” said Purvar.

Even where the industry has moved towards solution-based approach and the solution offered through service, the pay per use model should come into existence, he said

Indians spend 17 hours a week on social media which is highest in the world. Also, 30% phone time of Indians is spent on entertainment along with over 60 minutes daily time spent gaming, news and health, says a report by State of Mobile 2018.

On the other side, Partha Narasimhan, CTO, HPE Aruba had a different view.

“Today, users don’t like to make the choice. The shifting needs. Users just expect us to deliver things that are simple, easier to consume and thus the value starts getting high. The more simpler the access is, that’s when the value increases. This is where monetisation models will be a bit difficult”, said Partha.

Source: BSNL’s new CMD, Pravin Kumar Purvar says that it’s time to start monetising content - ET Telecom

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What he means by "Time to start monetising content" is to start pushing more advertisements to users (spam SMS/ emails, browser hijacks redirect to malware sites etc) and to sneakily charge users for additional "value added" services without their knowledge or consent :D
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