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BSNL set to provide faster Net connection


24 May 2015
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BSNL set to provide faster Net connection

Here’s good news for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) mobile customers to cheer. They can soon access the Internet on their 3G mobiles at speed higher than 4G, offered by private operators. The Huawei equipment is being replaced with ZTE for high speed 3G connectivity.

“The process of upgrading to ZTE in the city is on. There could be some connectivity issues for about a month but after that the customers can have seamless connectivity on their 3G mobiles. Once the switchover is complete, mobile users in the city can access the Internet at over 21 Mbps speed, which is higher than the speed offered on 4G by some private mobile operators,” R.M.M. Krishna, Principal General Manager of Visakhapatnam Telecom District told The Hindu on Friday.

On the delay in the introduction of 4G services by BSNL, he said that BSNL was the first telecom operator to offer 3G services.

“We are yet to meet the full potential of 3G. The upgrading to ZTE would be done in the entire district in a phased manner after which the connectivity would greatly improve all over the district.”

Though he did not rule out the possibility of introducing 4G services in the district, he said there were no such plans in the near future.

Customer base
BSNL has a mobile customer base of 8.5 lakh and in the next six months, it is expected to grow rapidly with 50 more towers to be added in the district as part of the expansion plans.

Mr. Krishna said: “The advantage for BSNL mobile customers is that BSNL cell towers, across the country, were emitting only 20 W radiation, as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) norms, and they are totally harmless to users.”

Though there could be connectivity problems in remote areas due to the low power radiation, customers could also always rely on landline phones in such areas.

The all-India free night calling from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. from BSNL landline to any network, including mobile phones, is a great advantage to BSNL customers. No roaming charges were being levied for BSNL mobile customers

‘No signal problem’
“There is no signal problem in the Agency areas of the district as we have a good number of cell towers. However, there could be problems in the remote and interior tribal areas. We are also erecting cell towers at 10 sites, identified by the police, for better communication in the Left wing extremist areas,” the PGM added.

The Huawei equipment is being replaced with ZTE for high speed 3G connectivity

R.M.M. Krishna

Principal General Manager of Visakhapatnam Telecom District

BSNL set to provide faster Net connection - The Hindu


20 Nov 2014
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21 Mbps can be achieved in ideal conditions only. Just like 4G can achieve upto 50 Mbps in India


1 Jun 2013
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Airtel achieved 135 Mbps in Idle in their 4G


6 Aug 2011
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Nice share bro, But the Truth is this that in small cities & Rural area the speed is just 10KBPS to 50KBPS for 2G & 200KBPS to 2MBPS So what can a normal user expect ? So first going for 4G they should have been make 3G Network more perform able with minimum speed 2MBPS to 10MBPS at least plus affordable in Rural area + small cities.On the whole good move by BSNL.
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