Big difference in salaries of men and women's Indian cricket team ..

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5 Jan 2015
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Due to this diligence, the Indian women's team is equal to the men's team.but if we talk about the salary of the players of the both teams, then there is a big differences,which can be shocked every one.

It is also a matter of opinion that the contract of the men's team has been renewed and under this, the salary is categorized in A, B, C has been revised, but the contract for the women's cricket team has not been revisited.

On the other hand, the men's salary is doubled and the salary of the women's cricket team remains constant. Women's cricket captain Mithali Raj's annual salary is 15 lac per Annual, while the senior India skipper Virat Kohli's salary is Rs 2 Crore. Grade has been given for the men's cricket team salary, in which the fixed salary of 'A' grade is Rs 2 crore, for 'B' Grade 1 crore, for 'C' grade 50 lakhs. On the other hand, 2 Grades have also been reserved for the women's team; whereas the salary of grade 'A' players is 15 lacs. and fixed 10 lacs for 'B' Grade.

Not just in Cricket team, everywhere it's like that.
Women get less payment than man.. (Not in govt offices or corporate)
Look at the daily wage working women.. u can see the real difference
:angryVery bad very big difference between men & women
Salary depends upon the viewership and number of people following the sports. If there are more viewers then there will be more sponsors, with that BCCI can pay Women cricketers. But if there are no sponsors then how can we expect BCCI to pay them more, should BCCI use the revenue collected for Men Cricketers to pay women cricketers ?!!
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For the same reason Zimbabwe cricket does not deserve USD 92 million from ICC new revenue model but still they got that money when other permanent members including heavyweight Australia, South Africa are getting only USD 132 million.

So what's priority in cricket equality among all or money depending upon viewership?

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