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Bharti Airtel gained subscribers in September while Jio and Vodafone Idea lost subscribers from August


1 Feb 2019
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The number of telephone subscribers in india decreased from 1,209.58 million at the end of August-21 to 1,189.15 million at the end of September-21, thereby showing a monthly decline rate of 1.69%. Urban telephone subscription decreased from 671.31 million at the end of August-21 to 659.09 million at the end of September-21 and the rural subscription decreased from 538.28 million to 530.06 million during the same period. The monthly decline rates of urban and rural telephone subscription
were 1.82% and 1.53% respectively during
the month of September-21.

Bharti Airtel has the maximum proportion (97.86%) of its active wireless subscribers (VLR) as against its total wireless subscribers (HLR) on the date of peak VLR in the month of September-21 and MTNL has the minimum proportion of VLR (18.58%) of its HLR during the
same period.

TRAI releases Telecom Subscription Data as on 30th September, 2021


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5 Jan 2015
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So Jio also has started to close inactive numbers. This means, Jio also entering the ARPU game, which implies Jio may also raise the tariffs this time. :oops:
But we also having one gud thing in this congestion will reduce so that we'll get network with Gud internet speed 😎


10 May 2020
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@Gobinaath bro, the congestion may decrease a little, only due to reduction in second sim and not due to reduction in data usage, imho. For example, the last hike was during Dec2019 and tariff hike was about 45%. Even then, usage was not reduced and congestion situation didn't improve at that time.

Data is like alcohol. Whatever the price increase may be, people will moan, cry, make memes, but will buy eventually. People who use mobile data responsibly has already moved to fiber for heavy usage. I am sure many people here in our forum will prefer Rs1498 plan with 24GB/year + 50GB topup (Rs251), than 3GB/day. Those who use mobile data exclusively as BB will continue to do so. I am not saying no one will switch to BB, but that number will be not so big, that it will have minimal effect on congestion, imho.

Sure, Some people may shift from 1.5GB per day to 1GB per day (or 2GB to 1.5GB/day). But since they will have that feeling of "PAID TOO MUCH MONEY FOR DATA" in their mind, they will have the guilty, if they are leaving that daily data unused ==>> No unused daily data ==>> Not so much improvement in congestion.

So the final improvement in network will be good, but will not be that much drastic. Only way for getting drastic improvement in network congestion is REMOVAL OF DAILY DATA, imho...
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