Bangladesh group claims hacking 20,000 Indian websites


12 Jan 2012
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Bangladesh group claims hacking 20,000 Indian websites

DHAKA: A Bangladeshi hacker group Tuesday claimed to have attacked 20,000 Indian websites, including that of the Border Security Force (BSF), after the alleged killing of Bangladeshis by Indian border guards.

The group calling itself 'Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers' wrote on its Facebook fan page: "India hacked our 400 sites in total, we hacked 20,000 sites in total since the war started."

According to Xinhua, the group claimed the BSF website was damaged after being hacked.

Last week, a group of hackers named " Indian Cyber Army" attacked the websites of five ministries in Bangladesh and that of a trade organisation.

The Bangladeshi hackers said their action was in response to the alleged killings by BSF along the more than 4,000-km-long Indo-Bangladesh border.

"We don't have any personal issues with Indians. But the brutality of BSF as well as Indian government has forced us to do this," the hackers wrote on Facebook.

Odhikar, a Dhaka-based human rights group, said the BSF has killed 31 Bangladeshis last year.

Source - TOI
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