AWS To Expand Footprint In India


5 Aug 2011
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Amazon Web Services (AWS)—provider of cloud services is targeting the large Indian enterprise (with global footprint) and multinational companies to increase its footprint in India.

It recently announced three more services namely Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), AWS Direct Connect and AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) for APAC customers.

AWS IAM is a security feature that enables enterprises to request security credentials, configure expiration and permissions and grant corporate identities access to resources.

Amazon VPC enables businesses to launch AWS resources on a virtual network. AWS Direct Connect enables enterprises to bypass the Internet and deliver data to and from AWS via a private network connection. The service would be made available soon.

“The usage patterns and adoption rates for India are similar to that around the world. The Indian companies use AWS as a cost effective underlying infrastructure to build their business, and as an important part of their go-to-market growth strategy to expand across different regions around the world,” said Shane Owenby, Managing Director, APAC, AWS.

Some of the AWS customers in India include Marcellus (a SaaS vendor with employees in North America and India), Classle (provider of cloud-based social learning platform), Excel Soft (an e-learning company) and Hungama (a digital media entertainment company).

Owenby said that AWS would focus on developing flexible applications on its infrastructure. “We have already released AWS Elastic Beanstalk that gives customers flexibility to build their applications without locking them into a particular programming model, language, or operating system. We’ve lowered our prices 15 times over the past four years with no competitive pressure to do so.”

He also had words of advice for enterprises with legacy applications and systems. “For enterprises with new projects, it is easy to build applications and quickly take advantage of the cloud. For enterprises with many legacy applications and systems, it is not advisable to move everything at once. Most enterprises move more methodically by picking a diverse set of initial applications to learn and understand how to operate in the cloud. We see many of these enterprises quickly learn and realize the kind of business benefits and flexibility that the cloud brings and they then move fast to build a 12-to-24-month migration plan.”

AWS is working with regional and smaller Sis. “Besides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and larger partners such as Infosys, L&T Infotech, Symphony Services, Wipro, some of our SIs are Kuliza, Orangescape, Newgen, eReasoning, Mediology, Excelsoft,” Owenby said.

He added that the AWS partner ecosystem is evolving well and quickly. “We enable partners to provision software in a manner similar to how they provision infrastructure services via the AWS cloud: on-demand, pay-as-you-go, scale up and scale down, enable global deployments etc, among many other benefits.”

source : crn
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