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Asus To Show Off Tablet With Phone Dock


2 May 2011
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You will no longer need to carry your mobile phone in your pocket, because you can carry it inside your tablet. Asus is scheduled to show off the PadFone at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan today. If the leaked photos are really true, this tablet will possibly 'consume' the smartphone as it docks into it, almost making it disappear.

It also appears that the docked smartphone would provide as a communication device for the tablet. Even though the Android smartphone will get concealed inside the body of the tablet and covered by a flap, Asus has left a hole for the camera, leading to the belief that the camera would be made available to the tablet to use. The photos also show a pair of speaker meshes suggesting that the tablet has dual speakers. The PadFone will be available in two colours: copper and black. Specifications will be revealed in a few hours. We will keep you posted.
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