Asus denies that it is working on a $99 Google Nexus tablet


26 Mar 2012
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With competitor Amazon bringing a $159 7 inch tablet to the market, rumors on Thursday that Asus would deliver a $99 version of the Google Nexus 7 seemed to make sense. The holiday season was prime time for the Amazon Kindle Fire last year and the $199 price point brought in plenty of sales. The speculation was that with the $200 floor already broken, Asus would try its hand on taking out the $100 price floor with a new model. At the same time, a $199 ultra-thin model was also rumored to be released by Asus and Google.

Ironically, DigiTimes, the original source of Thursday's story, is the source behind a denial by Asus that it is working on these new tablets. While the denial specifically covers the $99 model and the ultra-thin model, it does not rule out new Asus built Google Nexus tablets coming for the 2012 holiday season.

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