Apple selling refurbished iPad 2; starts at $419


22 Mar 2011
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Prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S in India, there was a lot of talk about Apple selling refurbished iPhones in India. This news of these handsets spread like wildfire and there were many people interested in purchasing them. It is always nice when there is a cut price on a niche (read: costly) product with a one year warranty. The fact that it was a refurbished handset did not make much of a difference as one would get the warranty. After the news of the iPhone, Apple is now selling refurbished models of the iPad 2 at lower prices.

These products are available for purchase at the online U.S Apple Store and there is no indication as of yet, if these refurbished models will be available in India. One can just hope that this is a global trend and not just U.S based and hopefully in the coming days, we can see refurbished iPads on our Indian Apple site.

Judging what had happened with the refurbished models of the iPhones, where the base model of the 16GB iPhone 4 and the 8GB iPhone 3GS were sold only as corporate deals; one should not get their hopes too high. Apple may be succeeding in shedding their tag of seeing India as the dumping ground of their products by launching the devices, here shortly after the U.S release date. But, even though, the quantity may be limited, it should definitely be made more open to the public, instead of just offering them as part of corporate deals.
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