Apple iOS 5 devices have Emoji onboard, an emoticons keyboard


5 Aug 2011
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Enthusiastic text-message fiends have discovered a new feature of iOS 5, hidden in the keyboard settings. Called Emoji, it is a type of keyboard, with a choice of over 700 emoticons, perfect for those who like to spice up their text messages with an illustrated smiley face or other symbols.
As the list of emoticons is quite comprehensive, you could even stick exclusively to Emoji to type out your text messages, if you are in the mood for some hieroglyphic or symbolist fun. The emoticons, inspired by Japanese pictographs, have been made more global, with both Google and Apple working together since 2009 to create a large standardized database. This leaves us to believe that Android will soon have Emoji as well, probably with ICS.
To activate Emoji on your iOS 5 device, visit the general menu of your settings, find keyboard, then international keyboards, where you’ll spot Emoji. Check out the symbols in the images below.

source : digit
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