Apple and Windows Together? Only for Pranksters


5 Aug 2011
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Apple and Windows don't mix, unless you are a prankster in Germany.

A group of pranksters posing as construction workers on Saturday attached a four-piece Windows logo to the outside of an Apple retail store in Hamburg that is being built.

According to MacNN, the store is Apple's second in the city and it may open by the end of September.

Not to worry Apple fans, the sign is easily removable, Electronista is reporting. That makes the situation a temporary annoyance for Apple instead of an identity crisis for one of its latest stores.

A video of the prank was uploaded to a YouTube user called WAVcollective. Since being posted, it has been viewed roughly 30,000 times.

AppleInsider notes the irony that the prank took place shortly after "fluctuations in the U.S. stock market resulted in Apple's market value exceeding the combined value of Microsoft and Intel."

Apple stores saw their tenth anniversary in May. Now there are more than 300 Apple stores around the world.

Microsoft opened its first retail store in 2009. According to its website, there are now 11 Microsoft stores around the U.S.

Source : PC World
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