Apple and Nokia fight over 'nano SIM'


2 May 2011
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NEW DELHI: Nokia and Apple have crossed swords in Europe. The companies, which wield considerable influence in telecom industry, are fighting over the dimensions and features of the next-generation SIM card termed nano SIM.

According to the Verge, a tech website that broke the story, Apple wants European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to accept its nano SIM proposal and make it an industry standard.

The website says that Apple's nano SIM prototype has the shape and size similar to that of the SIM area on the current micro SIM, which is used in phones like iPhone 4S, Lumia 800 and Motorola Razr.

However, Nokia, which currently holds the highest number of votes at ETSI, has its own prototype. It has a shape similar to a microSD card and is reportedly backed by other industry heavyweights like Research In Motion, which makes Blackberry phones, and Motorola.

According to the reports, Nokia argues its nano SIM has better design. The company says that Apple's design may damage phones as it will be possible to insert the SIM improperly.

Currently, most of the cellphones in India use full-sized SIM. But in the next few years, they would switch to micro SIM. Nano SIM is likely to make its way to devices a few years after it is approved and accepted as industry standard.

Apple has also reportedly written to ETSI that it would licence its nano SIM standard and related intellectual property to other phone manufacturers for free. However, Nokia is saying that is no question of any licencing because Apple doesn't even hold any patents regarding the design and features of a nano SIM.

"We are not aware of any Apple intellectual property which it considers essential to its nano-SIM proposal. In light of this, Apple's proposal for royalty-free licensing seems no more than an attempt to devalue the intellectual property of others," a Nokia spokesperson reportedly told IDG, a news website.

The ETSI is expected to decide on the matter in the next few days.

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