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APAC digital subscribers to reach 503 million by 2018: MPA


30 Aug 2013
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MUMBAI:Media Partners Asia(MPA) has come out with its report on the Asia Pacific pay-TV and broadband market for the next five years.It predicts that DTH satellite pay-TV customers in Asia are expected to grow from 56.3 million in
2013 to more than 110 million by 2018, a
CAGR of 14 per cent.
The report titled ‘Asia Pacific Pay-TV and
Broadband Markets 2014’ states that by 2023,
DTH’s share of the total pay-TV market will
nearly double to 24 per cent as the customer
base reaches 150.4 million. Meanwhile, HD
DTH subscribers will increase from 10.4
million in 2013 to 37.3 million by 2023,
driven by high growth in India and China as
well as steady growth in Japan, Korea and
Southeast Asia.
DTH subscription revenue is expected to grow
at a five year CAGR of 9 per cent to $ 12.3
billion by 2018 and $ 15.2 billion by 2023. It
also predicts that the market for DTH pay-TV
will further consolidate as growth converges
across fewer operators in markets such as
India and Indonesia. In markets such as
Thailand, DTH pay-TV is struggling as free DTH
services have started to breed, penetrating 60
per cent TV homes. One such is Free Dish that
will prove to be important to digitisation in
rural and smaller towns.
The APAC pay-TV market will grow at a 10 per
cent CAGR between 2013 and 2018. This will
be enhanced by the subscriber jump from 312
million in 2013 to 503 million by 2018 while
digital penetration of pay-TV homes expands
from 62 per cent to 83 per cent.
Commenting on the findings, MPA executive
director Vivek Couto said, “We see operating
leverage growing for market leaders in India,
Indonesia and Malaysia in particular as well as
long-term upside from strategic recalibration
in Australia and New Zealand. Better
monetisation in the Philippines should help the
market leader properly scale its DTH business
and take it to the next level. We also predict
incremental growth and value in Vietnam.”
The report states that among maturing
markets, Malaysia is a leader with Astro as one
of the most innovative operators in the world,
good at increasing both subscriber growth and
ARPUs as well as investing in product
innovation. DTH ops in Australia and Japan
continue to face headwinds. Hybrid DTH-IPTV
distribution has helped sustain KT SkyLife’s
proposition in Korea.
In India, broadband is a long term
consideration even though all the top four DTH
operators are looking at mobile partnerships
and wireless broadband strategies.
IP-based distribution and broadband delivery
is a challenge for DTH networks which are
adapting to these realities to reduce long-term
challenges. In Korea, the KT SkyLife
combination retails triple play services. In
Indonesia, MNC group that owns MNC Sky
Vision (MNCSV) plans to rollout a bundle of
IPTV and fiber-based broadband services and
merge them with MNCSV. In Malaysia, Astro
has adapted to IPTV partnerships but with slow
progress. In Philippines, Cignal has also
embraced hybrid IP delivery. http://www.indiantelevision.com/dth/dth-operator/apac-digital-subscribers-to-reach-503-million-by-2018-mpa-140731
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