Android 4.0 Now Available for HP TouchPad via CyanogenMod 9


5 Aug 2011
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CyanogenMod had a public release of CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 for the HP TouchPad on Wednesday, bringing Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) goodness to the discontinued tablet

It's an alpha release and the zero label indicates things that currently do not work in this build, such as accelerated video (no Netflix or HD YouTube videos for you) and the camera. Also, there is no support for this build.
For the first time, however, the developers are opening up the source code with hopes that others will contribute to improving the software and fixing bugs.

Although this particular public build doesn't have the full functionality we saw working earlier, we know it's coming. If you're eager to turn your TouchPad into an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet right now, head over to Rootzwiki for the easy-to-follow walkthrough for building CM9 yourself.


Source : pc world
As far as i remember, HP closed down its Tab division and sold all of it at dirt give away prices...

thats why there is no support and its only for very limited no of users, mostly based in US !
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