Good News An International Cricket Stadium To be established in Varanasi

15 May 2020
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UP Govt Budget: Rs 95 Crore is also purchased for land purchase for the establishment of International Cricket Stadium in Varanasi District, as reported by TOI


What would be the name?
* Chanakya Amit Shah Tadipaar International Cricket Stadium.
* Yugavatar Ajay Mohan Singh Bisht Yogi Adityanath Gorakhpur International Cricket Stadium.
People who have never set foot in UP are somehow aware of acute lack of healthcare facilities there.
Anyway Banaras is getting new stadium as it is PM constituency.Atleast people should appreciate that unlike Amethi which has been the fiefdom of Gandhi family and erstwhile PM's but never saw any development ,Modi has been trying to make a difference to his constituency.People who live there or have been to the city before and after Modi can tell you the difference.
Why there is need of another intl. Cricket stadium when the existing stadium get a match in almost 2year.
Instead built athelatic or football or any indoor stadium
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