Amazon's tablet to take a bite out of Apple's dominance with the iPad


5 Aug 2011
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A recent report by a major market research firm, Forrester Research, speculates that Amazon may just have a chance of undercutting Apple in the tablet market. A bold claim, one that rests on many assumptions – including the fact the Amazon is actually in the process of developing a tablet, after all, it has never been announced officially.
The analyst’s report goes on to speculate that if Amazon priced the tablet at less than $300, it will be able to sell nearly 5 million tablets in the first quarter, a figure that should ameliorate the fact that they will be selling at a loss if they do so at that price.
For now, even with so many tablets in the market, Android has yet to shake the dominance of the iPad, and the PlayBook, with its enterprise appeal, doesn’t really stand a chance. Need we mention webOS-powered TouchPad? The Amazon tablet is also expected to run on Android, or if nothing else, feature Android app compatibility. Wall Street Journal recently reported an October release date for the device. For now, the iPad has stacked up quite a lead in the tablet market – with Apple selling nearly 29 million units since its launch last year.

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Like an Amazon, iPad is also to launch an launch the flash apple dominance in tablet market. we are also waiting when iPad 3 will also bring this changes till 2015. iPad 3 will also give a tough competition in market. Till now iPad has made it place in market , now iPad 3 will also make market . You can get through more information by reading about iPad news.
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