airtel joins Seamless Alliance - InFlight Connectivity


31 Jan 2017
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Airtel joins ‘Seamless Alliance’ to bring uninterrupted In-Flight Connectivity to Customers. The global alliance aims to leverage satellite technology to offer high speed data connectivity to mobile users even when they are up in the air.


The formation of ‘Seamless Alliance’ was announced today in Barcelona. Other founding members include OneWeb, Airbus, Delta and Sprint. The global alliance – which aims to attract additional industry operators beyond the five founding members – will eliminate the immense costs and hurdles commonly associated with acquisition, installation, and operation of data access infrastructure by streamlining system integration and certification, providing open specifications for interoperability, increasing accessibility for passengers, and enabling simple and integrated billing.

“We are delighted to be a founding member of this innovative technology platform to bring seamless connectivity to customers in the true sense. Over 370 million mobile customers across Airtel’s global network will be able to enjoy uninterrupted access to high speed data services even while they are in-flight. We look forward to collaborating with all partner members to ensure this platform goes LIVE at the earliest.”


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