Breaking Airtel is 1st Telco to launch 5G in 8 cities from 1st Oct

In my opinion, even these top metros will take atleast a year to cover 50% population
Ambani said it will take two months to reach those metros. And by March 2023, he will cover most of the metros. And by December 2023, everything will be covered. Only God knows how's this possible. Will take three years for proper 5G coverage.
Is anyone from these 8 circles able to latch on to Airtel 5G signal with their 5G handsets?
Only Jio headquarters in Ghansoli are able to latch Jio 5G.
Vi is live in Powai and Vashi sites. Andheri Metro as well. Let's see actual launch. It might be on n41. Not on n78/77.
No option to select 5G network mode on Moto Edge 30 either. Had spoken to customer care and they had said they would push the setting through ota update as and when 5G is launched in India.
Only SA needs update. NSA don't need update as per Qualcomm India people. So if you are using Jio, you will have to wait for 5G deployment as its SA network. For Airtel NSA 5G, you will get automatically as on when signal is live. Have patience. Will take time to cover whole city even by Jios standards. Forget 5G, Jio hasn't deployed extra band 3 they have bought in this auctions yet. I don't understand this logic. Airtel has deployed band 3 in one go in Maharashtra and Mumbai circle and other spectrum is live in other circles as well.
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