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AIR plans to rule airwaves with FM in 210 new cities

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Public sector broadcaster Prasar Bharati is set to expand All India Radio’s FM operations to 210 new cities and towns. That would make it the largest player in the space. It would then have operations in as many cities as all the private FM operators put together would operate in even after the third phase of auctions. At present, Prasar Bharati operates FM stations in 100-odd cities.

The national broadcaster has firmed up an investment plan of Rs 2,000 crore to build the necessary infrastructure and will soon forward a plan to the government for clearance. A senior Prasar Bharati official said, “We require an allocation of around Rs 2,000 crore to expand AIR’s FM operations. The government has recently approved the policy for phase-III FM expansion. We want to be present in all the places where private operators would function.”

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