Administrators of French File Sharing Site Arrested, Face Jail and Fines


7 Apr 2011
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The administrators of one of France’s most popular file sharing sites, “Liberty Land” have been arrested, TorrentFreak is reporting. The French trio are facing charges of organised counterfeiting, which could net them up to 5 years in jail and $700,000 in fines. The site is, as you might expect, down.

Liberty Land was one of many sites hosted in Canada where copyright law is unusually friendly. The site did not host any content, but did provide links to pirated music, movies, and TV shows on sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Despite the questionable legality of simply linking to content, French content owner groups SACEM and ALPA filed complaints against the sites.

After a long and complicated investigation, French authorities managed to identify the owners of Liberty Land and make the arrest. The severity of the charges stems from the fact that the site operators are alleged to have pulled in about $285,300 in advertising revenue. They have been released pending trial. Do you think sites like Liberty Land should be targeted?
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