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[Add-On](X32) LazyLoad 1.1

Bapun Raz

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Community Manager
3 Nov 2010
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Plugin Name:
(X32) LazyLoad 1.1

This hook loads posted images onScroll rather than onLoad.
Statistics show that the majority of users that visit webpages never end up scrolling down but leave the page too fast.
This hook helps improve your bandwidth and improves page load times by loading images as the user sees them. When the user scrolls down a page images on that page will be loaded in and "faded in".

Browser Requirements:
Due to how Safari handles scripts, this plugin does not work in Safari browsers.

What's New in Version 1.1
1.1 - - Upgraded to IP.Board 3.2
- Converted from jQuery to Prototype! Now no additional libraries are needed!
- Works with the already present IP.Board JavaScript Framework meaning LightBox now works 100%!
- Version 1.1 now houses the JavaScript files on your server rather than pulling from a remote server like 1.0 did.


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