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60% of PM Narendra Modi's Twitter followers are fake: Twiplomacy


5 Jan 2015
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Twiplomacy, a digital platform which assists international organisations and governments to improve their digital strategy, claimed that 24,799,527 out of Modi's 40,993,053 followers are authentic ones while 16,191,426 are fake ones.

Twiplomacy also revealed that Congress President Rahul Gandhi's official twitter handle has 3,696,460 fake followers and 1,715,634 credible ones.

60 per cent of PM Narendra Modi's Twitter followers are fake: Twiplomacy


1 Jun 2013
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So at least for India it will still take few years before twitter becomes official channel for Govt orders

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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They are fake followers made by supporters themselves to show support to the party i feel. Not paid followers by Modi.


26 Mar 2012
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How can they say they are fake? They just cant guess it randomly or check every profile right? There might be people who just create account and leave it (I know many people like them) or Just create account to follow someone but never tweets or something or maybe people who created just in flow during election time and forgot to use it again.

I'm not saying everyone is genuine there will be fake accounts too but 60%? really?

People who like him will follow him to know what he is doing and people who hate him will also follow to criticize him.There might be 20-30% fake people but not 60%.

Person who became a president when most of the country is against him is having just 37%.

so according to them out of 41000000 followers - 60% (24600000) = 16400000 followers are real. I think they need to remember he is PM of a country which has 132.42 crores population as of 2016 and recently Internet has become sooo cheap (Thanks to jio)
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Anish Pai

1 May 2011
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Already Amazon and Flipkart are asking to link a.c. with KYC.
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