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4G rollout likely by next year: Industry

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Mumbai:Even as the third generation (3G) mobile telephony is at a pilot stage, technology players are hopeful that the more advanced 4G will be here sooner than later due to its sheer economic advantage over the former besides its easy upgradability on the existing infrastructure.

"The 4G is likely to be in India sooner than later, as early as next year, because it is economically more advantageous than 3G, apart as it can be easily upgraded on the existing infrastructure," said Nikhil Sadarangani of JDSU India, a provider of optical products and solutions.

So optimistic is Sadarangani about its roll out that he said, 4G application trials are likely to rolled out by next year as the technology is already here.



22 Mar 2011
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Still the 3G is not fully launched, and most of the people have not tested it. Also the charges are so high, I doubt the success of 3G in near future. The opeartors paid unrealsitic fees to government and they are compelled to hike the charges. If 4G comes, the operators have to pay again without getting much from 3G. So, they will try to delay the 4G auction.

off-topic: I want to apply for Telecommunications minister this time. I never seen such huge money in my life (One lakh seventy thousand crores.)
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