24 is the tale of Jack Bower


14 Oct 2011
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24 Hours DVD is the tale of Jack Bower dealing with the most insane day of his entire life. It is also the tale of David Palmer, the first black with a "real chance at the White House". Weeds DVD Their destinies are intertwined; a past association will forever haunt their future. At first Jack seems like your typical good guy, but as the show progresses you see that he is no straight shooter. Grey's Anatomy DVD He is an accomplished liar and spy. Jack is no conventional hero. Everyone in this show has dirt in their past, secrets that they do not want uncovered. Nothing is quite what it seems. David Palmer looks to be a sure bet for the next president of the United States. CSI Miami DVD His chances are sabotaged by a past cover-up. He is also a target for assassination. Bower is given the job of preventing that assassination, but personal family problems hinder him from doing his job. Jack is a complex, contradictory person. On one hand he is a killer and a spy. Gossip Girl DVD He has great instincts and nobody, I mean NOBODY, thinks faster on their feet then him. On the other hand he is a loving father, and like a typical parent has no idea what his kid is up to.
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