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The only thing that keeps Congress intact is RaGa, if he resigns the party will fall and split into several factions and lose to regional powers. Those who want RaGa gone aren't wishing this sincerely, they either have a hidden agenda to see congress gone once and for all or have fallen prey to those who are spreading negative and want congress gone.

There are only 3 types of people in politics.
  1. Those who are Pro BJP : They want RaGa to fall and congress vanish.
  2. Those who are Pro Congress: They want NaMo to fall and BJP & RSS vanish.
  3. Those who support regional parties: They dont care about BJP nor Congress.
Yes, Priyanka is right, if RaGa quits then its like falling into BJP trap. The only thing now is they have to ignore eveyone who wants RaGa gone & baseless various reasons for the fall and thoroughly investigate on the real reason on why they fell and compare that with their overwhelming victory at the South India.

For TMC, Mamta has to find all her party members who are there for sale and wipe out all the mess in her party that caused her fall and prepare the party for a stronger return in her state election.
Huh, i thought she would attend and something interesting would happen as she always has some surprises but all seem to just have to wait.
CM of Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu

As expected Salman didn't reacted anything towards this cheap act. However media took byte and doing clickbait everywhere. Even TOI didn't stopped themselves from doing it.

Salman Khan reacts to the ongoing meme trend on social media | Hindi Movie News - Bollywood - Times of India
Another clickbait.

Article mentions nothing about Aish but title's on her. Trying to juice out traffic from these celebrities and controversies.

Aishwarya Rai's reaction to Vivek Oberoi's Exit poll meme | Hindi Movie News - Bollywood - Times of India
And, yet another came now. They are milking through it still. Really shameful to see its coming from a big brand media. Such is Indian media these days!:wall:

Salman Khan opens up on Vivek Oberoi’s Aishwarya Rai Bachchan meme controversy | Hindi Movie News - Bollywood - Times of India
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