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2 May 2011
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Wallbase- Computer wallpapers / Wallbase.cc
Wallbase is one of the popular website for computer wallpapers, website runs AdSense ads and asks for donation. If you looking for wallpapers this site is very good. It is a huge collection of wallpapers. Simply you can browse this site by exploring tags.

Freewallpapers4Desktop - Free Wallpapers 4 Desktop | Cool Wallpapers And Desktop Backgrounds
You can search wallpapers by resolutions. It is very useful if you are tend to resolution. It also has a huge collection of wallpapers. You can browse 3D wallpapers, Abstract, animals, games, girls, music, nature, space, sports and travels wallpapers etc.

HDwallpapers - Desktop Wallpapers - HD Wallpapers
When you visit homepage of this website you will be greeted by fantasy girls wallpapers. Featured categories in this site is 3D girls, Final fantasy, Fantasy girls, female celebrities, beautiful girls and Cars etc.

Wallpaperstock - Wallpapers | Free desktop wallpapers | Free stock photos
Wallpaperstock is one of top site for free wallpapers. When you visit this website you are going to be greeted with some of the partners and friends of this website. Top categories in this website are calendars, computers, hot babes, iPhone, male celebrities, music and world.

DesktopNexus - Desktop Nexus Wallpapers - Background Images, Wallpaper, Desktop Wallpapers, Computer Backgrounds
Desktopnexus is a large source of desktop wallpapers, the design of this site is like a forum or may be it is a forum. Featured categories in this site are Anime wallpapers, video games, sports, cars, animals, aircrafts etc. You can browse this site by tags. It has a huge collection of wallpapers.

Wallpaper thumbs on this site are a little large so you can see them clearly without opening. Latest wallpapers you will see on homepage. Featured categories in this site Cartoons, Comics, Flowers, Products, Sunsets etc.

It is a small site for desktop wallpapers, you will some of latest wallpapers on homepage from all the categories.

nDesign Studio Wallpapers
nDesign studio is not a wallpapers site but its wallpapers section is very popular, it has only 15 wallpapers but very popular.

Nationalgeographic Wallpapers
Nationalgeographic wallpapers are natural wallpapers not artificial, that are captured by camera. All wallpapers have its description.

This is a small website for wallpapers. You can browse and download wallpapers for places, aviation, sports, cars and celebrities.

This website has some of quality wallpapers. Fine arts and digital art wallpapers are good. If you like blue color this website dark blue and royal blue color.

Interfacelift is a large website for desktop wallpapers. This is also a collection of themes and icons. This website impressed me because of some features. On this site almost all the wallpapers has a description and how wallpapers are created aka using any photo editing program. You will also know which companies camera is used to capture the picture and also camera model. And wallpapers are optimized for any device you use or any resolution you want.

Most of the wallpapers are photoshopped means not uploaded directly captured pictures. You will find some different categories that I have discussed yet means there are no tags only categories.

This is small and simple website for wallpapers, there are many categories some of are girls, inspiring, military, movies, ocean, valentine etc.

I saw some of wallpapers here that I have seen somewhere else so which are original I can’t say. You can browse some of the categories as Calendar, Cool, Christmas, Winter etc.

When I opened this site it looks like a blog but it was a site for free desktop wallpapers. Each category will tell you hoe many wallpapers are there.

Microsoft Wallpapers Official
I have already discussed about this resource. The wallpapers you see here are for windows seven but I am sure you can use them on windows 1995 to Vista.

This site also seems a good source of wallpapers. It looks like a web directory because categories icons are like windows XP folders. Some categories I mention here are Women’s Day, Weddings, Halloween, Anime and Manga, Football, Landscape etc.

We say women’s are inspiration for the world and origin of all the arts. This site seems inspired by women’s. So you will be greeted by Hot models, female celebrities and of course beauties.

Here you will find more than 20,000 wallpapers in many categories. Categories are similar as above discussed.

Here are more than 80+ wallpaper websites. You may add them to your bookmark as a huge wallpaper source. If you know any other similar websites that not mentioned in this page, feel free to leave a comment!
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