Breaking Jio SpaceFiber Gigabit Satellite broadband

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We have Jio fiber, Jio Airfiber, Jio SpaceFiber. What should I go?
The consumer needs to pick in that same order of preference. The best performance will be provided by JioFiber which is true fiber connectivity (lowest latency). Next in line will be Jio AirFiber which is a substitute when you are in a 5G coverage area but last mile fiber connectivity to your house isn't possible (Speeds will be slightly inferior to fiber, and latency higher than fiber but lower than SpaceFiber). Lastly when both Fiber and AirFiber aren't available if you live in a remote location like a hilly area or an island away from the mainland then SpaceFiber makes sense (Speeds will be lower than AirFiber and latency will be the highest of the 3).
Ideally there is supposed to be a difference in the pricing as well, with True Fiber connection being the cheapest, followed by a costlier AirFiber and then SpaceFiber being the costliest due to bandwidth constraints. But Jio has maintained nearly the same pricing for Fiber and AirFiber so don't know if SpaceFiber will be priced higher.
If it uses the same band as mobile network, the speed will be same as mobile
The outdoor unit will be able to connect to mmWave band which most smartphones don't have the hardware support for and also that band does not have good indoor penetration so even if the smartphone supports the band it won't connect to it indoors.
Only if a jio tower is in it's vicinity. If the tower is far from odu... Then no difference between mobile speeds & airfiber!
Even if the speed is the same like in the scenario you described, will you be able to keep your phone hotspot on for prolonged duration to connect other WiFi enabled devices like smart TV and laptop and tablets in the house? That would mean having it plugged to the charger at all times and reduced mobility for it's chief purpose.
Also the 5G welcome offer with unlimited 5G on mobile allowing tethering won't be around forever, it will get capped eventually and AirFiber will have higher data quota plans. Airtel already doesn't allow sharing of the unlimited 5G through hotspot, and eventually Jio will stop it as well.
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