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HMD Global set to bring back Nokia Asha phones

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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After bringing Nokia mobile back from the dead, HMD Global looks set to revive the Asha feature phone brand. According to a trademark filing registered at EU's IP office, HMD Global has now wrestled control of the Asha brand from Microsoft who in turn had acquired it from Nokia a few years ago.

Nokia had used the Asha brand to churn out a range of feature phone back in its glory days. The Asha trademark was then transferred to Microsoft when it acquired Nokia back in 2014. Even though there is no official announcement as of now, it seems that the Asha name is now back under Finnish ownership.

HMD Global's acquisition of the Asha brand could point towards the launch of feature phones in the future. The Asha brand was quite popular in emerging markets like India. Previous rumours claim that HMD Global is working on a 4G feature phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. The feature phone is expected to run on Nokia's S30+ operating system. This phone could be launched under the Asha brand.

HMD Global set to bring back Nokia Asha phones as per new trademark filing


14 Feb 2012
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They should bring back the customized android versions (x series type)... the problem with asha and symbian is no app support. Unless top app makers agree with hmd to make such apps, these phones will be waste.
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