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Government launches portal to check how many mobile numbers are issued to you


27 May 2020
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Bapun Raz

could u plese edit link on First post, as well as article and include index.php.

This will help many non-techincal user to directly click on link.

This is good initiative from DOT.

I was waiting to see, when my Eastwhile ide, karnataka numbers gets deactivated. It is since more than 19 months , i didnt made rechage.

last recharge was done by Telco during Lockdown of april2020.

Sim is in drawers, and never connected to network from jan 2020, and I just check balance of rs10 in april2020 via myIdea app.

This is bad practise of telco, especially Voda and idea to show inflated subsciber base,who are not generating any revenue.
jio was also keeping sim active, but till jan2021, JIO was getiing revnue even if single incoming calls comes to those sim, which make it some sense than other like airtel/vi, where incoming was blocked, no network on sim,but Just keep SIM in active state.

i hope with initial hicupps, dot will make this portal full fledge working, so that we can put unnecessary SIM/number to deactivate it.


8 Feb 2016
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Tried today n found correct information about My Numbers...

Good Start by GOI.
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