Google Bard - AI chatbot

So we now have a second AI chat after ChatGPT....
Fair enough, lets hope if "Bard" can overcome the flaws of ChatGPT(created by OpenAI)
  • Google employees took to Memegen this week, filling the message repository with criticisms of company leadership over the Bard announcement.
  • Memes described the effort as “rushed, botched” and “comically short sighted.”
  • Alphabet shares dropped more than 9% this week amid Google’s attempt to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT integration.
Google executives sent a document to employees with the do’s and don’ts of fixing bad responses from the Bard artificial intelligence tool. Staffers were told to keep responses “neutral” and to “not imply emotion.”

Google is expanding access to Bard in US + UK.

I got access to Google Bard 🥳

Chat UI 👇



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