WPC allows DPL holders to update stock details manually on Saral Sanchar till 30th June as one-time measure

DPL holders can update their stock manually on Saral Sanchar as one-time measure till 30th June.

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The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) under the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) today notified that all Dealer Possession License (DPL) holders will be permitted to update the details of their stock manually on the Saral Sanchar portal till 30th June 2022.

The DPL holders can update their stock details manually on the portal without any documentation as a one-time measure. Afterwards, the stock will get automatically updated whenever the DPL holders make a transaction to buy or sell wireless equipment.

The one-time measure will not be available after 30th June 2022 with all DPL holders instructed to take note of the facility of manual updation of records.

WPC had in July 2020 made the application for Dealer Possession License (DPL) issued by Wireless Monitoring Office/Regional Headquarters available on the Saral Sanchar portal. The launch of Single Scrutiny Workflow on 25th May 2022 paved the way for applicants to see the stock position of the DPL holder after the issue of the Decision Letter (DL).

The applicants can buy the equipment according to the technical parameters in the DL. The DPL holder’s stock will get automatically updated as per the purchase.

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