Tata Sky Broadband revamps its offerings

Tata Sky Broadband revamps its offerings

Tata Sky Broadband

Tata Sky Broadband yesterday revamped its broadband offerings along with the introduction of landline service. Tata Sky Broadband is now offering only two unlimited plans for monthly subscribers and three unlimited plans for long term subscribers in most of the cities wherein it operates.

Tata Sky Broadband  revamps its offerings

Tata Sky Broadband’s Rs 850 unlimited plan offers unlimited internet with an internet speed of 100 Mbps. It has another unlimited plan at Rs 950 which also offers unlimited internet but with an internet speed of 150 Mbps.

Tata Sky Broadband is offering a free router along with the plan with safe custody. New customers will have to pay Rs 500 as installation charges with Rs 1000 refundable security deposit. The internet speed will reduce to 3 Mbps after FUP limit consumption. The unlimited plans come with a data cap of 3300GB.

Tata Sky Broadband is also offering unlimited plans at 50 Mbps speed but the same is only for those opting for long term packages. 100% refundable security deposit will be applicable for 1 month and 50 Mbps plans.

The revamped offerings are live in all cities wherein Tata Sky Broadband operates except for Kalyan Dombili wherein the old unlimited plans and fixed GB plans continue to be offered.

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