NPC meeting on 29th July regarding Draft India views for upcoming APT APG 23-4 meeting

NPC meeting tomorrow to finalize India’s view for APG 23-4 meeting scheduled to be held next month.

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The National Preparatory Committee (NPC) meeting is scheduled to be held on 29th July under NPC Chair VJ Christopher, Director, WMO. NPC Working Groups 1 to 5 has prepared Draft India views for the upcoming APT APG 23-4 meeting scheduled for 15-20 August 2022 after consultations with stakeholders.

The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) under DoT have invited all stakeholders to participate in the above NPC meeting to finalise India input documents for APG 23-4 meeting. WPC has directed stakeholders to send their disagreement (other than editorial changes) on the preliminary views framed by Working Groups by email at the earliest.

India’s Draft Views on WRC agenda items for APG 23-4 was recently notified by DoT for discussion in the National Preparatory Committee. The meeting will be held tomorrow at Sanchar Bhavan from 1400 hours. Stakeholders can also join through remote participation via the CDOT VC platform.

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