world will never end!


2 May 2011
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You can relax. The world is not
coming to an end on May 21. I
have it on authority.
Ed Hindson, president of the
World Prophetic Ministry, a
distinguished professor of
religion atLiberty University and
host of “The King is Coming” on
Trinity Network, says so flat out.
Hindson says Harold Camping
“doesn’t have the right date.”
And it’s not the first time.
Camping earlier predicted
Rapture for September 1994 and
has a backup date of Oct 21 in
case he is wrong this time.
Hindson is quite confident that
vthe world will go on past
Saturday. In fact, he is giving a
speech to 10,000 people in
California on Sunday, the day
after Camping’s doomsday.
Presumably those who are
planning to come also do not
believe that Saturday will be
their last day on Earth.
How does Hindson know for
sure?“There’s no solid biblical
basis” he says. “God doesn’t give
us a specific date. Jesus said,
nobody knows the day and the
hour.The Bible also tells you not
to set the date for the second
Still, Hindson believes that the
second coming could be closer
than we might think. But he says
you have to live life the way you
would anyway. He lives by the
maxim,“Don’t waste your time,
trying to guess the time; be
ready all the time, because Jesus
could come any time.”
Hindson is among a large
segment of Christians who do
believe in“end times.” The
evidence, he says, that we are
getting closer is in the Bible. It
says Israel will return to the land.
To Hindson that is“a flashing
amber light that gets my
attention.” He points to the crisis
in the Middle East as evidence
that wars in the Middle East
signal the last days and says, to
prepare,“we should work for
peace to resolve human conflict.”
The big question then, is will he
change his own life to prepare
for the second coming? Should
we change our lives? Should we
stop dieting, cash in all of our
chips and take a trip around the
world, stop paying taxes, run off
with that cutie from the office
we’ve had our eye on?
He laughs. “Jesus says, ‘stay busy
until I return,’ ” he says. In some
cases people may be
irresponsibly waiting for Him to
come and not taking care of
What about non believers?
“You’re in big trouble,” he says,
but all is not lost.
“I think the rapture will shock
people and cause them to
believe. So it’s only the really evil
people who will actually be in
trouble.“Evil people who don’t
believe in God and made evil
choices like Hitler and Islamic
extremists. When you pick up
the sword in the name of God
you are violating Jesus’s basic
teaching,” he says. Which is one
reason he thinks the second
coming may happen sooner
rather than later.
In terms of evil, enough is
enough.“If you’re God and
you’ve been reaching out to
people for thousands of years,”
he says, You want to stop this.”
But Hindson is not at all happy
with Camping’s prediction any
more than he was over
Camping’s previous prediction of
Rapture occurring in September
1994.“He should have been
more honest and said, ‘whoops, I
goofed,’ ” he said. “The danger
with what he is doing is that
when nothing happens, people
will throw the baby out with the
bath [water]. It only encourages
the scoffers. The Bible predicts
there will be scoffers.”
So is Hindson doing anything to
prepare for the end, just in case?
Not really.“If Jesus comes back, I
will be happy,” he says. However
there is some conflict. At just 66,
he doesn’t want the end to come
prematurely. Yet, “the older you
get, the sooner you want Jesus
to come back because you’re
running out of time. “
So what will he tell the 10,000
people on Sunday in Riverside,
Calif., assuming we’re all still
“My speaking will be unrelated to
this prediction,” he says. My
emphasis will be on the true
signs of the second coming and
why this guy is wrong.”
My advice, after speaking with
Hindson, and he agrees: We
should all keep on flossing.

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3 Nov 2010
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