Windows Mango Update.


7 Apr 2011
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The Windows operating system will be seeing a major update called Mango sometime this Summer and you might wonder what improvements it will bring.

Well in a recent podcast, two high-level Microsoft employees unveiled that the Mango update would bring a number of new features. The first new addition is a music identification service which will help you identify music being played to your mobiles microphone or on it's speaker. It's a very useful feature because we've all been listening to the radio and missed the name of a track we loved !

Another new feature is the addition of a barcode scanner which will no doubt be used for price-comparison and finding more information about products. A podcast player will also now feature so we can all listen to the hysterical Ricky Gervais podcasts on our smartphone.

Also confirmed was the inclusion of voice navigation for Bing Maps and another neat announcement was the ability to use your voice to create text messages.

Also Internet Explorer 9 will be including in the Mango update which should mean faster internet browsing and even more support for Flash and other web technologies. Additionally, the user interface will be improved, searching will be made faster, multi-tasking will be made better and the scrolling will be updated.
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