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16 Jul 2020
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So with all the problems surrounding the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar when do you think it will be a right time for India to host the FIFA World Cup?

Some of the problems faced in Qatar will be faced in India also like sale of beer publicly. Females wearing provocative dresses already we have seen moral policing happen in various parts of the country. Also there are cases where people say these dresses are at fault especially when it comes to female harassment (voicing out general opinion not mine).

Also another big issue will be corrution, India being the largest democracy and soon to be the most populous is also the most corrupt and to host a WC we need to have the sort of infrastructure we have to build everything from scratch currently we dont have big stadiums that are of WC standards barring 2 or 3. So in the process of developing the stadiums and the transport facilities we can expect a lot of money being siphoned off. Keeping all these things in mind when do you think India can realistically hold a FIFA WC.

P.S: to all those who are about to say India has succesfully hosted the Cricket WC so hosting the FIFA WC wont be a difficult task let me tell you that hosting a FIFA WC is a bigger challenge than hosting the Olympics coz for Olympics we just need to mainly develop a city mainly and some nearby cities whereas for FIFA WC we have to develop atleast 8-10 cities. For eg Tokyo and Seoul hosted the 1964 and 1988 Olympics before hosting the FIFA WC in 2002. Beijing hosted the Olympics in 2008 but have never hosted the FIFA WC. The only Asian exception is Qatar who literally are hosting the entire WC in a single city as if it is an Olympics.

We all know the corruption that happened during 2010 Commonwealth games in New Delhi under Suresh Kalmadi. So please consider the logistics involved and the infrastructure required before saying when India can host the WC.
2034 only chance if india host otherwise chance is less indian team get Direct qualification via Playing against top nation asian teams specialy when Australia is a part of asian group nation
Never. Don't need unwanted debt from stupid novelty projects. Same funds can be used across all states and Union Territories instead of 6-7 cities.

Also these events like FIFA World Cup has lost it's prestige by awarding rights to thugs like Russians and slavery supporting backward countries like Qatar. Based on the trend North Korea or Iran feels like an ideal partner for FIFA.
These sort of events actually help is the development of cities. I think like 2046 will be a good time to host the WC. It is faraway we can slowly develop the infrastructure and also the national team too. Anyway India is planning a Olympics bid in Ahmedabad for 2036 which is good.
That is true but atleast it is in the pipeline and who knows like maybe 2022 WC was awarded to Qatar 2036 Olympics might be awarded to Ahmedabad
Another example

1st he gave away hosting rights now put all blame on them

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