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WhatsApp soon to have voice calling, screenshots leaked


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6 May 2012
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WhatsApp is arguably the most used messaging app on mobile. Its executives have always maintained that its feature set will remain rather rudimentary and limited. However, earlier in the year, rumours regarding a voice calling feature started surfacing. Now, thanks to Android blog, AndroidWorld.nl, the screenshots of WhatsApps rumoured voice calling feature have been leaked.

Strangely, WhatsApp is distributed either through its website or through the Google Play store for Android. The version that is available through the WhatsApp website is updated very frequently and often contains hidden features that the company plans on adding in other builds at a later date. It is this version that has revealed the voice calling functionality. By the looks of it, the new voice calling functionality could be launched very soon.

This function is clearly unofficial as the company makes no mention of it. Probably, the app must've been at a test end of sorts for the feature. Interestingly, the calling feature is separate from the chat feature. The call logs, dialer and the contacts screen is separate from the main chat window. It also combines recording and playback.

Already, apps like Line, Skype and Viber offer voice calling functionality. In fact, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone voice calling through internet protocols is handled via FaceTime, Hangouts and Skype, so we can expect this feature to be a free addition. For India particularly, this will be relevant because WhatsApp executives in the past have been quoted saying that in India the app will always remain free.

WhatsApp soon to have voice calling, screenshots leaked : News, News - India Today


16 Jul 2013
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WhatsApp’s voice calling feature has
been in the works for some time
now and there were rumours of it
coming out this year itself. But
thanks to Androidworld.nl , the
screenshots of a WhatsApp voice
calling feature have been leaked

The Android version of the WhatsApp
app exists in two builds – the stable
branch which can be found on the
Play Store and another one which is
distributed directly from the
company’s website.

Various screenshots of the rumoured upcoming voice calling feature on WhatsApp

The version on the company website,
gets updated more frequently and
has a lot of hidden features which
undergo testing before it is ported as
a stable build on the Play Store. The
latest version on the company
website had a lot of hidden secret
screens that were unearthed. These
screenshots point to a voice calling
functionality which will most likely be
seen on WhatsApp sooner rather
than later.

Although officially unconfirmed, the
screenshots point to the fact that
voice calling is being tested on
WhatsApp. The calling functionality
and chatting functionality appear as
separate. Call logs, dialling and
contacts screen is handled by
separate screens.

Another interesting feature includes
call recording and playback.

There is no word out if this will be a
paid app. But if the past is any
indication, the voice calling feature
will also be offered for free
considering apps such as Viber, Line
and Skype already offer it.

Leaked WhatsApp screenshots reveal voice-calling features Tech2 Mobile


2 Jul 2014
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a good update


7 Nov 2012
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I think after whatsapp calling comes into d fore, viber n skype wud completely fail :tup
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