Seeking Help Want to sell my Flipkart Gift Vouchers (need money so discount also)

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31 Mar 2011
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Hi all, I have 3 Flipkart gift vouchers worth ₹20,000 (₹10,000*1+₹5000*2).
Actually in a govt competition we were told prize money is ₹20,000 and after we won they have us Flipkart gift vouchers. We had worked hard for it & invested time & money. Anyways, I need bank money as I purchased a lot online last few months using credit card & bills are pending.
I want to sell these gift vouchers. If anyone is interested in buying these, please PM me. I am providing some discount as incentive as I need money urgently.
₹20,000 for ₹19,400 (3% off)
If you want only ₹5000 or ₹10000 one, I will give at 2.5% off.
If you want to make any purchases on Flipkart you can use it. Validity will be till April/May 2018 (Will confirm exact date tomorrow).
You can send me payment via BHIM app or using NEFT/IMPS/Bank deposit. I will provide you any details you want for the same.
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I am okay with exchanging e cash for paytm, other wallet, amazon gv at the prices I have mentioned.
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