Vodafone Files Law Suit Against Its Customer


7 Apr 2011
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All the people now need to be conscious while making disappointing utterance about their network service providers on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, as their one criticism could result in some legal action by their service providers.

As per a recent report, Dhaval Valia, a Vodafone customer, was charged for posting offensive comments about Vodafone on Facebook. A legal notice was sent to MR. Valia for carrying out indecent communication especially with their female employees, said the spokesperson from Vodafone. Mr. Valia was not annoyed with the 3G services of Vodafone and he was constantly posting inappropriate comments regarding the poor service of Vodafone on Facebook, he even went further to the extent of rapidly posting the legal notice sent to him.

As per the notice, it was an attack on the goodwill and reputation of the company, therefore, the notice ordered him to abstain from posting any dishonoring comment about the company here further and also asked to delete the previous postings within 48 hours.

The legal notice has forced Indian consumers to question the privacy and liberty of expression on these sites. Mr. Valia has charged Vodafone for illegally having access to the updates in his account. "Hacking, tapping and tracking the customer’s Internet activity is a criminal offence and Vodafone, prima facie, seems to have done exactly that“, said Mr. Valia.

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