VMware Increases Focus On Partner Enablement For VCE


5 Aug 2011
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VMware is betting big on VCE opportunities in India. The company has acquired five vBlock customers in the country till now, and believes that since the opportunities are immense, with the right kind of product offering and partner training these can be optimally tapped.

Deepak Jadhav, Director, VDA Infosolutions, a Mumbai-based solutions provider and the only tier-2 partner to deploy the vBlock solution for a large customer, explained the concept. “A vBlock is essentially a block of real estate to be used for deploying VDI or virtual desktops, storage and servers comprising solutions from VMware, Cisco and EMC. The entire concept of deploying the virtual infrastructure is called VCE.”

According to Douglas Smith, Vice-president, Global Partner Strategy & Operations, VMware, “There’s a lot of interest in VCE, especially implementation in virgin deployments.”

“However, the concept is yet to mature, so we are not talking volumes,” explained Ganesan Arumugam, Director, Channels, VMware. “We are looking at large enterprises—customers with 800 to 1,000 virtual machines—and also at the SMB segment through our service providers.”

VMware packages its IP into solution enablement toolkits. These toolkits are then packaged with the competencies (technology) and released as frameworks. The company has released a one such framework for VCE. “We have done close to 80 percent work. We have released 2,000 templates for VCE. EMC and Cisco have to do the balance 20 percent, add a logo, and put it out in the market,” said Smith.

Jadhav said that a vBlock can be installed at a large corporate (500-1,000 users) in four working days. Besides, it offers tangible and intangible ROI in terms of compliance and data security. “I am sure that more than 50 large enterprises will opt for vBlock solutions this year alone. Partners should ideally talk to enterprises moving toward tech refresh.”

He said that VMware is training partners in product, pre-sales and post-sales, and has now increased the reach of its training centers to tier-2 cities as well. The only hitch, warned Jadhav, is that VMware products are priced higher than those of the competition, hence the company needs to take partners and customers into confidence and explain the concept and the reason for the higher pricing.

Indeed, Citrix has emerged as tough competition to VMware in the desktop virtualization segment. It is also giving competition to VCE with the newly-formed partnership with Microsoft in the server space. Commented Jadhav, “VMware will have to start propagating the new features and benefits of VCE and vBlock to gain market share. No doubt the concept and the product are both superior, but the company would need to give a compelling story to customers to sell the same.”

source : crn
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