Ubuntu Coming To Eee PCs


7 Apr 2011
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The Asus Eee PC 1001PXD, 1011PX and 1015PX will soon get Ubuntu configurations, unlike the majority of the previously-launched Eee PC netbooks which came preloaded with Windows OS. Chris Kenyon, VP of OEM services at Canonical, told the Inquirer, "The deal with Asus is an important one for Canonical which will put Ubuntu in the hands of a larger audience, people who would not necessarily download Ubuntu, but would be happy to buy a computer knowing that it will work perfectly on that hardware. Also, Canonical's extensive work with manufacturers helps make all future versions of Ubuntu run perfectly on specific machines and individual OEM's hardware." Stating that Microsoft is its main rival, not other Linux distributions, Chang further added that he "does not mind if people choose other [Linux] distributions". Interestingly, Asus opted for Ubuntu 10.10 for its netbooks although Ubuntu 11.04 came out back in April. The company is planning to launch "many more" Eee PC models running Ubuntu later this year. Well for now, it remains to be seen if the trio of Atom notebooks becomes successful in winning the war on Windows.
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