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Uber’s new Compliments feature lets you rate your driver with stickers

21 Jun 2013
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How often is it that you come across a cab driver who is either late, does not want to carry forward the ride, drives in a rash manner, or all of the above? And how often is it that your cab driver turns out to give a service which is better than you had expected and you wish you could do more than just give stars? Online cab aggregators like Ola Cabs or Uber already have the rating and feedback option for drivers, which has become an essential part in shaping up a particular driver’s reputation and standing. Uber has taken this to the next level by rolling out a new feature called ‘Compliments’ which will let riders add in an extra element while giving feedback to the drivers.

Compliments is Uber’s way of making an effort to let their drivers know how they’ve helped the riders. The feature works in the same way as giving a feedback to a driver. After completing a ride, the rider has the option to give a rating in terms of stars with five being the maximum. Just below the option to rate the driver, the Compliments feature is located. The passenger can now opt to give a compliment which includes a set of nine badges accompanied by fun and cute stickers. The compliments range from a number of pointers like ‘Neat and Tidy’, ‘Excellent Service’, ‘Above and Beyond’, Awesome Music’, ‘Cool Car’, ‘Entertaining Driver’, ‘Expert Navigation’, Great Amenities’ and ‘Great Conversation’.

This feature is not mandatory for the riders to use, and they can skip it if they wish. If giving these interactive sticker compliments isn’t enough, one can also leave a personalized ‘Thank you’ note. Just below the Compliments feature, there’s a space for leaving a thank you note wherein riders can thank their Uber drivers by typing what exactly made them happy.

It’s no secret that ratings matter a lot for cab drivers, and Compliments will act as an added bonus for their progress. Once the riders send these compliments to the drivers, they will receive notifications for each sticker they receive and will also be kept as a tab for the number of compliments they receive. Uber has taken this step to make sure that their drivers’ hard work is noticed and also appreciated.

“It is Thanksgiving week after all—a time to be, well, thankful. We want to give riders the opportunity to thank and recognize drivers for the things they do to make the experience more memorable and fun. It’s a small step we’re taking to make saying thank you easier for riders and to celebrate drivers like Vickie, Alejandro and Habtamu who go the extra mile in their own special ways,” a blog post on the company’s website reads.

Wired reports how Uber had been working on the feedback feature for its drivers for quite some time and they seem to have finally hit the right spot. Uber drivers seemed to have been complaining about not receiving proper feedback citing reasons that a star rating does not justify their services at all. Uber had tried other alternatives for feedback like an emoji-based system which did not work. The company even tried a thumbs-up, thumbs-down system, but that failed too. After months of deliberation, they finally decided to opt for stickers which led to the rolling out of ‘Compliments’.

Uber’s ‘Compliments’ feature is rolled out in the US only, and there is currently no word on when it will reach other countries, including India. Speaking about India, just yesterday Uber rolled out its UberWeddings service in 12 Indian cities to make the most of the crazy wedding season in the country. Uber has partnered with WedMeGood, a wedding planning website, and the service will cater to all wedding-related travel needs, which include bachelor or bachelorette parties, dinners and other wedding-related celebrations.

Uber’s new Compliments feature lets you rate your driver with stickers
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