Uber launches 'UberFLEET' for fleet owners in 29 cities across India


21 Jun 2013
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Taxi aggregator Uber on Tuesday announced the launch of `UberFLEET`, an android app for its fleet-partners in India to improve the overall productivity for fleet owners by making the process of managing drivers more efficient and reducing their downtime.

Largest on-demand ride-sharing company has hundreds of thousands of driver partners in India, and a lot of them have progressed forward in life as entrepreneurs."We built technology that supports them in managing their fleets.

UberFLEET app allows fleet partners with driver positioning, helping drivers achieve maximum performance and overall, run their fleets more efficiently.

Uber is at forefront of micro-entrepreneurship opportunity creation in India and UberFleet app is yet another step towards encouraging and support the entrepreneurial ambitions of our fleet partners," said Head of Engineering
Uber India, Apurva Dalal.

The new UberFLEET app comes with the features which helps the fleet partners track the driver`s location, trip drop off point and location where they last went offline from.It also provides the ability to track daily and weekly trips, earnings (cash and non cash), and ratings; manage driver partner`s performance.

Also, the partners can check the logs for when their drivers go online and offline.

Uber launches 'UberFLEET' for fleet owners in 29 cities across India | Zee News
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