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Twitter gets support for new emojis including selfie and facepalm


21 Jun 2013
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Twitter has rolled out support for 72 new emojis launched by Unicode Consortium in June this year. The new emojis unveiled under version 9.0 of the Unicode Standard include selfie, facepalm, shrug and pregnant woman. Other interesting emojis are ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing), drooling face, clown face and lying face. The lying faces have nose growing over them.

Twitter, which is the first social platform to include new emojis, has rolled out Twemoji 2.1 ahead of World Emoji Day on July 17. The emojis are only supported on Twitter’s web version right now, and will launch for TweetDeck soon. Users with Twitter app, will however see a question mark instead of the new Unicode 9.0 emojis as the emoji set is not available for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

“As with previous Twemoji updates, these won’t show to users of native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or macOS which instead show emojis from each platform vendor,” says Jeremy Burge, Founder of Emojipedia. Burge adds that Google and Microsoft have confirmed support for Unicode 9 emojis this summer. Apple might update iOS and macOS with support later in the year.

The new emojis unveiled under version 9.0 of the Unicode Standard include selfie, facepalm, shrug and pregnant woman.

Using Twemoji 2.1 is easy. Users can simply copy and paste the new emojis to use them. A couple of things have changed in Twemoji 2.1 like emojis now have a human appearance and support different skin tones. Also, Japanese Dolls are now shown as Emperor and Empress instead of two women, Kaaba now shows from an isometric angle and more.

Nauseated face and sneezing face has also been launched by the Unicode. There’s also a black heart, fingers crossed, clown face and face with cowboy hat emoji in the list.

Unicode also launched a bunch of sports emojis in the wake of Rio Olympics, which is supposed to start in August. These include boxing glove, martial arts uniform, handball, fencer, juggling, wrestlers and more.

Users now get to select from a list of food emojis like Avocado, Cucumber, Paenuts, Croissant, Pancakes, Bacon, glass of milk and more. Other emojis include drum with drumsticks, shopping trolley, motor scooter, canoe, butterfly, squid, shark, lizard etc.

Twitter is struggling with stagnant user growth, and the move could help make the platform more fun. The microblogging site rolled out a couple of new features to simplify tweets like retweeting and quoting self. It now supports large GIFs up to 15MB in size. It is reportedly working on a new feature where media attachments, such as photo and video, will no longer count toward character limit.

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